Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DCPI- Japan Okinawa Training 2016 12/5-12/7 教会開拓セミナー

At DCPI JAPAN we are very excited to hold our first training in Okinawa, Japan.  Below is a summary of the training sessions in Japanese. Also a PDF with information on the location, cost, times, etc.  and contact information.  Only 30 spots available and less than two weeks before we get started!


12 の聖書的な原則
VPT の説明


 VPT 評価の説明、準備
VPT プレゼンテーション

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

GBC - Wells in Malawi AFRICA - video of the Fresh Water pouring forth in the desert!

The children of Malawi live in some of poorest conditions in the world.
How Precious they are to our Father in Heaven!

God is writing an amazing story with all of us and at times our stories interweave and intertwine into an awesome ministry cross- over.  In only a few months since starting GBC-radio we have partnered with Reaching the Hungry in an effort to help some villages in Malawi, Africa, one of the poorest nations on the planet.  Last month Pastor Carlos of Reaching The Hungry sent a mission team to build 4 water wells and two of those were sponsored by listener donations from GBC-radio.  We are based in Japan so all the donations were from Japanese who sponsored a U.S. mission team to bless people in Malawi.  Talk about an international move of GOD!

It is so exciting to watch these videos of people singing and dancing, celebrating a miracle for their village.  In response hundreds of people gave their life to Christ and will be discipled using TALKING BIBLES.

Literally entire villages coming to Christ.  The Book of Acts is still happening today!

For only $2000 US a well can be constructed! At GBC - radio we have funded two and saw the videos bringing many of our listeners and staff to tears.  PRAISE THE LORD!

This is only the beginning!!

 For more on how to give go here

Friday, November 11, 2016

Only in Japan: Masters of Mochi

Traditional Japanese Mochi Photo taken from pinterest

It`s been over 10 years in Japan for me and you see a lot of things that can amaze you and I post them as things only in japan.  They can be shocking or funny or inspirational.  This video was recorded by a good friend of mine, Pastor Rie.  She has a great blog in Japanese here for anyone interested.


The video below is of mochi being made by one of the best in the world.  The speed and performance recording by Pastor Rie`s video is amazing.  This is her favorite place to buy Mochi which is a Japanese sweet rice treat.  This is green because the flavor of the Mochi is Matcha a powered refined green tea in Japan.  The shouts of the mochi master gives the rhythm to the man with the hammer so that they can coordinate to make the mochi fast.  The rice starts out as regular rice and as it is pounded it becomes like dough and is usually served with sweet beans.
This was taken in Kyoto, Japan.

Something like this you can only see in JAPAN.  Everyday this man makes mochi and is a master of it.

Below is another video with subtitles that has interview with the same man.

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