Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Vision - Seven Stones and the Water Gate

This vision I received at the end of 2016 (nearly three years ago) and recently the LORD has impressed it upon me to share it written here. Because I believe THE TIME HAS COME,

image source https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Retezat_Mountain_-_Spring_Waterfall_01.JPG

This vision I received at the end of 2016 and recently the LORD has impressed it upon me to share it written here. Because I believe THE TIME HAS COME,

In the Spirit the Lord showed a vision he showed me a spring on top of a mountain. Many people in the villages below could see the spring and they knew it was very important and that it was the spring that gave them water they needed to live off of.  Yet the towns were dry and they sent teams up to the spring to fetch water. The teams went up to the mountain and brought the water back down but it was never enough.  And the people suffered because of lack of water.  Then the LORD showed me a gate with seven holes around it.  The gate was set next to the spring and the water was dammed by it.  Then the LORD said, "This is the water gate and it is shut and the people do not know how to open it."  Then the LORD gave me seven stones. They were plain upon first appearance but when held to the light they shone with many colors.  He said those with pure hearts can hold the stones. The LORD then instructed me to take the stones to the towns below.  He said to tell the people to stop trying to get the water by those who are strong and know the way, instead of that the people should take the stones to the water gate at the spring and put them in the holes at the same time. He continued saying, "Warn the people of the towns.  Tell them to be pure of heart that they should come before the LORD in humility, and then they should set the stones in the holes at the water gate." He said, "Take the seven stones which I have given you and take this message to the towns below."

As I went to the towns and gave them the message.  The people would say, "We are fine. We don't need your help.  We can survive on our own.  We are fine we have done it this way for many years.  This is the way we do things."  But I urged them to try it and said to them,"This is not only for you but to be a blessing to your future generations."  Out of all the people in the towns that I spoke to only four leaders came forth to take the stones in humility before the LORD. The remaining three I took back with me to the LORD.  He said to me, "You have done well. The people are not ready.  They still believe in their own strength and wisdom, but a time is coming, a time when the heat shall burn hot and at that time all seven stones will be put in the holes at the water gate and the water from the spring shall flow down to the people, and at that time all the people in the towns shall be blessed. And they shall see their towns filled with living water.  Then I said to the LORD, "Why must we wait?"  The LORD replied, "These people have seen trouble and they will not let go.  They believe in themselves and their hearts are still not pure enough to see this gate open.  This is because of the enemy who has shown them the wisdom they believe to be right.  Yet for all their wisdom they suffer and are foolish but God knows their hearts. And still His love is great for them.  Do not lose heart it will only be a few seasons and all the stones will be carried to the gate and the gate will shall be opened and water from the mountain of God shall pour out on the land.  As I heard these words I look at the LORD and said "AMEN" and the vision ended.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Japan to the Nations - Taiwan Mission Trip

The area around Taipei Station in Taiwan. We spent several hours there ministering to many homeless and hurting.

From February a team from Japan and I set out for Taiwan to minister and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were many testimonies and I have put a few videos although the audio are mostly Japanese. We spent roughly five days in Taiwan and encountered many people and saw some healed even one come to Christ.  We were limited in our language and did at times have an interpreter with us.  It was a great opportunity for growth and discipleship, taking the native Japanese believers out of their environment and learning to trust God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Through our various encounters we were able to sow seeds and testify to Jesus.  Sometimes in opposition even as one man was very angry we were telling people about the LOVE of JESUS. Yet others received our message and even received healing in their bodies. 

This lady who is on the streets shared with us that she had pain in her hand and has been unable to close it into a fist for a very long time.  At first we prayed and there wasn't any improvement then I asked her if she was a believer in Jesus and she said yes.  At this point I felt God wanted it to be her that speaks out her healing. I had her repeat and renounce her issue and a few seconds later we tried again and the pain left and her hand completely came together. She was amazed and began to glorify God and others began to wonder what was happening. This led to the testimony being shared with other homeless who were sitting around.

English video praying for our taxi driver a native tribal Taiwanese who needed healing in her hand. After she was healed she got so excited she told her mother who waited for us to come down the mountain so we could pray for her hurt knees. She was also healed, praise God and others in the community witnessed it and the news spread to hundreds of people as a result!

This video is in Japanese explaining how this woman was healed of knee pain. The mother of our taxi driver.  One healing led to the next and to the next and so on.

Hisako helped arrange the travel and accommodations for our trip, she also helped with translation and ministered as well. We spent some time recapping in Japanese some of the testimonies and things we learned from this trip on FaceBook LIVE. This video is in Japanese.

There are many more testimonies I could share and it truly was a honor to represent Jesus and also be a part of this new move of God, a move that is coming out of Japan to the nations of the earth! To God be all the glory!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vision - The Sleeping Samurai

Japanese sword making image from https://imgur.com/gallery/kczmJ
The other day I was in prayer for Japan.  Especially in prayer for the Japanese men, who are suffering from depression and alcoholism in high number all around Japan. As I was in the Spirit suddenly the LORD showed me a vision.

I saw what was very clearly a Japanese Samurai warrior and he had short hair. He was covered in battle scars and looked very haggard. He had with him three swords. They all had names written on the sheath. One was truth-Shin真 , then there was desire-Nozomi 希 and the strongest was love, a sword of fire - Ai 愛. The samurai was sitting at a red gate and there was a jar of empty sake at his feet. You could tell it was empty because it was tipped over. I could see his heart was a very small flame that beat within his chest.  Suddenly a bell rung and he opened one eye and looked around then went back to sleep.  This happened again and he again returned back to sleep. He sat up after the bell rung again for the third time. He got up and started to stretch himself. He took out his swords and examined them. Truth was not sharp enough to cut anything. Desire was broken and was just a shard of a blade. Love was a dim flame that glowed red. He started to curse himself and said out loud, "Shimatta!" What I am supposed to do now?" He then began to weep bitterly.  His tears made a puddle and as he was looking at the puddle it began to turn red. He looked up and saw Jesus on the cross and the blood was flowing down and washing away the puddle of tears and formed a puddle of blood in its place. Jesus said, "I have not forsaken you. Your legacy shall be Mine. Your honor shall be mine. Drink and have life."

The samurai then took his hand and took the blood and drank it Jesus said, " My heart shall be in you." Now Jesus was no longer on the cross.  He was dressed in white and surrounded with glory.  He touched the samurai on the chest.  Suddenly a fire burned away the samurai even to the bone. He was just a skeleton and Jesus then breathed on him and he was restored and his eyes had turned green.  The samurai had green eyes and something like armor on his skin.  His heart was a great flame and he bowed before Jesus and laid out his swords.  The LORD sharpened the sword of truth with a simple touch of his finger. He forged a new blade for desire upon an anvil.  The sword of love he dipped in a great flame at the foot of His throne. Jesus then said, " Look I have sent you to the nations, mighty and strong warrior after my own heart. Great is My love for you and great is the love you will have for the nations. You will defend them and shall fulfill your days in My service. I remember your sins no more.  

With this the samurai set out on a long journey vowed before the LORD that he shall fulfill His Word and duty.
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