Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Tales from Japan - An Amazing April Osaka & Okinawa MIRACLES

Photo taken after woman in the center was healed from nerve damage wasn't able to walk or stand on her own.

I don't have words really to describe this past month.  At the beginning of the month on my FACEBOOK I said April is going to be amazing and it was! I had no idea at that time but God set a fire off in Osaka, Okinawa, and in me.  Dozens reported miracles around Japan even as we shared and prayed for people to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Fire of Holy Fire JAPAN.  This blog name actually manifested this month in Japan in a way that denied what people would call reality.

First in Osaka we saw a woman cured of total blindness in her left eye.  She went from closed barely able to open to seeing colors objects in a tiny little diamond necklace the size of a little pebble from across the room!

The next few days more miracles from the lame being able to walk, diseases cured as well.  This led us to pray for others to receive this outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Rie recorded a podcast for healing and for people to receive this Holy Fire that had stormed Osaka.  And literally within minutes people were reporting miracles from ears opening, heart disease leaving, others had sicknesses that simply left instantly.

After this amazing week in Osaka I went on the Okinawa and things ramped up even more.  This was the most intense amazing miracle week I had ever witnessed.  The first night of our healing meetings in Okinawa started with a miraculous sign.  As we worshiped the sound of a SHOFAR (trumpet) began to blow to our amazement whenever we should sing the words "Yeshua" or "Yahweh" in the song.  Then I took the stage and spoke on the Prodigal son and how God means to empower us with His righteousness, authority, and power as soon as we repent.  And that all believers, children of God have this not special few.  I then began to demonstrate the authority I preached about by having those who needed healing come to the front. It was intense. I found myself doing and saying things I never had imagined.  People were healed from mental diseases such as schizophrenia, dementia and physical ailments like being unable to sweat,migraines,skin disease, arthritis, also broken bones were healed, swollen organs, deaf ears opened, poor eyesight was healed, Day after day for four days straight healings and deliverance occurred.  I was even trying to hide so I could get a break from healing but people sought me out.  One lady suddenly appeared in front of me.  She looked lost and said, "I don't know why but I think I am supposed to talk to you.  I have this numbness in my leg."  She didn't even know who I was or what I had been doing.  I simply told her I came to heal people in Jesus name and laughed saying,  "I know why you are here."

I could not keep up with all the miracles but what thrilled me was on the second day I was able to recruit from the audience those who wanted to also pray for the sick.  And I saw equipping and outpouring happen over many people to be activated to pray for the sick and also cast our devils which we saw at least 5 people delivered from during the week.

Below I have some video accounts from live Facebook recordings I did.  Even these do not fully account for all of the miracles.  I plan to record in more detail in the month of May the events in April.

Also May also stands to be a month of more miracles as God's kingdom expands in Japan.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tales from Japan - Sharing Jesus in the Sakura

Crowds of people walk through and picnic in downtown Fukuoka for Sakura 
It is a very rare occasion that I have time on a Sunday to go outside.  I am usually busy preparing a message or doing a wedding.  Typically my Sunday is a 10-12 hour work day.  However last week just as the Japanese Cherry blossoms - SAKURA - were at peak I was able to go to the park.  I was strongly convicted to go to the park and pray and even reach out and expect God to do something.

Fukuoka Castle Ruins during Cherry Blossom full bloom
So as I went out I asked a woman if she needed prayer and she was in a lot of pain but she refused.  I`m sure I need to work on my approach but that is ok.  You don`t stop swinging the bat because you didn`t hit the ball! That would be foolish.  So you take the scorn or whatever shake it off but I was determine to just be still and trust God who would need prayer next.  About 20 minutes later I was reading some signs about an exhibit in the park and I ask two ladies to tell me where it was.  Striking up this conversation led them to ask questions about me.  Where I came from?  What I do?  So this naturally came to the discussion of I prayer for people.  Do you need any prayer for healing etc?  And one lady quickly told me she had really bad shoulder stiffness.  I asked to pray for her and she started to laugh and smile and said she felt so happy.  After I prayed a few times her shoulder stiffness melted away and we talked about God and Jesus for just a few minutes before her friend beckoned her to leave.  She told me after her encounter that she wants to pray to JESUS everyday now! How about that!! She said she has heard the Gospel but never experienced anything like this.  She said that she always thought God was real and now she knows!
I asked if I could take a picture before she left and she agreed, God is good
Many families, and young people gather on the open fields and eat lunch together

I learned that we can be used by the LORD wherever we go we just have to be willing to GO.  Jesus told His follower GO and make disciples.  This means go out of your comfort zone at times and encounter people and sharing Jesus with them.  Not just the word or the talk but the actual reality that He is real and you can experience His presence, His healing, and His goodness wherever you are.

This woman is on the path and she is following the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that is Jesus.  When Jesus met the woman at the well He didn't talk about the cross or even her sin.  He revealed that He knew her, he spoke of a time that people will worship in Spirit and Truth and then she decided to follow Him.  This was the beginning for her and like many encounters we have it may be a seed, it may be watering something God has already done, or it may be confession of faith, or baptism.  There are many steps to discipleship that follow as well. So let's be faithful first to GO and then let God lead and always be ready.

A short FB live video of me talking about what happened plus other bonus stuff.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

GBC radio - Learning English through Podcasts HisWord English

His Word Podcasts from Feb and March!

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