Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vision - The Sleeping Samurai

Japanese sword making image from
The other day I was in prayer for Japan.  Especially in prayer for the Japanese men, who are suffering from depression and alcoholism in high number all around Japan. As I was in the Spirit suddenly the LORD showed me a vision.

I saw what was very clearly a Japanese Samurai warrior and he had short hair. He was covered in battle scars and looked very haggard. He had with him three swords. They all had names written on the sheath. One was truth-Shin真 , then there was desire-Nozomi 希 and the strongest was love, a sword of fire - Ai 愛. The samurai was sitting at a red gate and there was a jar of empty sake at his feet. You could tell it was empty because it was tipped over. I could see his heart was a very small flame that beat within his chest.  Suddenly a bell rung and he opened one eye and looked around then went back to sleep.  This happened again and he again returned back to sleep. He sat up after the bell rung again for the third time. He got up and started to stretch himself. He took out his swords and examined them. Truth was not sharp enough to cut anything. Desire was broken and was just a shard of a blade. Love was a dim flame that glowed red. He started to curse himself and said out loud, "Shimatta!" What I am supposed to do now?" He then began to weep bitterly.  His tears made a puddle and as he was looking at the puddle it began to turn red. He looked up and saw Jesus on the cross and the blood was flowing down and washing away the puddle of tears and formed a puddle of blood in its place. Jesus said, "I have not forsaken you. Your legacy shall be Mine. Your honor shall be mine. Drink and have life."

The samurai then took his hand and took the blood and drank it Jesus said, " My heart shall be in you." Now Jesus was no longer on the cross.  He was dressed in white and surrounded with glory.  He touched the samurai on the chest.  Suddenly a fire burned away the samurai even to the bone. He was just a skeleton and Jesus then breathed on him and he was restored and his eyes had turned green.  The samurai had green eyes and something like armor on his skin.  His heart was a great flame and he bowed before Jesus and laid out his swords.  The LORD sharpened the sword of truth with a simple touch of his finger. He forged a new blade for desire upon an anvil.  The sword of love he dipped in a great flame at the foot of His throne. Jesus then said, " Look I have sent you to the nations, mighty and strong warrior after my own heart. Great is My love for you and great is the love you will have for the nations. You will defend them and shall fulfill your days in My service. I remember your sins no more.  

With this the samurai set out on a long journey vowed before the LORD that he shall fulfill His Word and duty.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Raising Up Japan to Go to the Nations

Thousands gathering to hear the Gospel in Pakistan. So will Japan be!
The time goes by quickly and there are many preparations being made as we get ready for this new season of life and ministry.  In about two weeks I will be in America then after that traveling to Kenya with a team of Japanese to do roughly a month of ministry, mainly preaching the Gospel.  This is the first time I will be going there and I believe it is profoundly significant.  Japan as it currently stands is very far from being a nation of believers in Christ, but nonetheless I believe they have a major part to play in bringing the nations to Jesus, that every tribe and people of the earth would come to the full knowledge of the truth of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. In fact this is one of the reasons Ryan Denlinger and I have come together to start Empowering Japan.  We have such an amazing group that God has gathered around us. This month we start to do more work on the mainland of Japan.

And in addition to this I see this trip to Kenya also as an opportunity to build a bridge for many other Spirit-filled, empowered Japanese believers to go fulfill the call of Japanese to the nations of the earth.  Of course at the same time God will also be pouring out His Spirit upon Japan as we build the Kingdom here in Japan. For this reason I have laid aside many things, many dreams and ambitions fail in comparison to the call of the LORD to see the nations come into His glory and become partakers of the new life in Christ.  

This truly is the time to arise and lay aside petty things, worldly things, distractions, and divisions for the sake of the GREAT HARVEST that awaits us! Some will plow, some will sow, some will water and God will also send those to harvest.  All of His laborers will rejoice together! So don't be bogged down with worries from the news, or temporary circumstances, take hold of the tools! Take hold of the gifts God has given you so that you too can labor while there is time. 

Japan shall know the LORD! It shall be born into the truth and they shall be a people free from the rulers of this world. 

Preaching in the marketplace in Okinawa.

Some of the Empowering Japan team.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Vision - Keys & Greater Things


I actually had this vision in early March of 2017. God has reminded again of this vision and to share it more publicly.  Especially as we step out more with Empowering Japan & go into full time ministry.  This is not just for us but part of the new thing God is doing all around the world.

Vision of the keys

I saw a vision of many rooms and in each room there was a cage and people were trapped and frustrated in their cages. They would cry out and say why doesn't God keep His promises. Why can't we do what He wants us to do?
Then God handed me many keys too many to count and I began to unlock the cages and set people free. Then those who were set free would begin to run around overjoyed and as I continued to unlock the cage doors and set people free I became weary and the LORD said to me. Give them the keys, for freely they be set free let them set others free.The LORD gave me a trumpet to blow and call many to me and I gave them many keys and soon all of the cages were open. Then the music began to play and a stage came down from the sky and many people began to gather around it. A sign in lights read greater things above the stage and I saw great things mighty angels rise from the stage with smoke and lightning thunder and power. It was awesome to behold and I fell down because of the shaking of earth. Then a voice from heaven said. This will come to pass and I have given you authority over angels and over rulers of the earth. Take hold of such things and let loose the things of heaven upon the earth. Then multitudes of soldiers came forth and they marched in unison and could not be stopped. The sound of their marching was mighty and they could not be stopped. 

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