Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Connecting with people around the world with #Godtalk

Well I haven't posted in a long ,long time. Wow things have been going in some many directions it is hard to nail down time to blog and keep up.  I want to share one really cool thing that started last year in December when the LORD led me to get on Facebook LIVE and just simply talk about God using the hashtag #Godtalk It has led to some great discussions, testimonies, and I believe divine connections as well.

God wants to unite His body in this time and instead of talking about all the issues and problems in the world and focusing our thoughts on those things better time is spent talking about the One who is on the throne and what He is doing, what He is saying, where He is leading.

Anyway I have put a few videos below.  Let's have our conversation lead to actions that God wants from us.  We have the WORD and we have the SPIRIT and both agree.

It was awesome to see so many come on and be a part of the conversation. Guys like Kevin Riordan from Setfree Ministries, Nick Serre in Canada, Conrad Carriker from Conrad Rocks, and Ryan Denlinger from South Africa as well.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Only in Japan: Coffee Coke in a can!

Photo taken from a vending machine near Ueno station in Tokyo, Japan

On the lighter side of things amidst all the amazing things we are seeing we do take time to search for the unique things in Japan.  We were in Tokyo doing outreach we searched all around for what we heard was a new type of Coca-Cola.  I had looked in Fukuoka and Okinawa and I guess it is only available in Tokyo.  This Coffee flavored Coke was not easy to find.  Even in Tokyo I went to 5 different stores and looked around about 50 or more vending machines until I finally found it! Literally something that can be found ONLY in JAPAN

Below is a video

What do you think? Would you like to try it??

Monday, December 11, 2017

Salvation across the country of Japan! Videos- Miracles in Tokyo, Okinawa, Fukuoka!!

First time leading someone to Jesus on a plane! Amazing to meet Masaki, he promised to grow in his faith.  He was so happy to give his hear to Jesus!!

A friend captured this photo as I gave a word of knowledge to our waitress in Tokyo and she let me pray over her and tell her about Jesus. 

The last three months have been amazing.  There has been so much it isn't possible to capture it in a single post.  I do want to start sharing more and more specific stories, healings, miracles, and prophetic words especially for those who are not able to follow me on GBC-radio podcasts or Facebook.  Since I last posted back in September.  I have been to Osaka, Okinawa, and Tokyo.  Every trip we have seen people encounter the LORD and confess faith in Jesus.

For example this woman at the beach in our night outreach.  She was considering taking her own life by jumping in the water but she met Jesus through us and in this video we are praising God together with the angels in heaven with her.

This next video is of a man who is the owner/manager of a restaurant. He came over to us after we finished our meal and we offered to bless his restaurant and pastor Naomi said suddenly, "Steve will also prophesy over you too." I almost did a spit take (spitting water out your mouth out of surprise) when I heard her say that. But we blessed him and I got a very specific word of knowledge for him. He ended giving His life to Jesus right there in the restaurant in front of his staff and customers!! WOW! God is AMAZING Hear he is with pastor Naomi confessing his faith. Hallelujah!!

 So many healings and miracles as well I will post a couple more Japanese Rock & Roll Band SALUKI 2 band members got healed. One from a car injury to his wrist and another from a bent neck.

 Also this woman got radically healed from pain in her back, hand and hip and I didn't even pray for all of those. The HOLY SPIRIT just went ahead and did it all. In the video she is specifically talking about the pain she had in her hand that doctors told her would never heal. She struggled cooking, doing the dishes, folding laundry for her family. After taking this video she gave her life to Jesus!


 This man who owns a restaurant by my house got healed in minutes from nerve pain in his back and neck together with numbness in his arm and hand. He gives glory to GOD for his healing! Now he knows who the real GOD is, JESUS!

These videos are just scratching the surface of all God is doing in our midst in Japan right now! We continue to press in and teach others His ways.  Even now I am preparing to travel in my car across the country stopping and reaching out to people and sharing Jesus with them.  Thank for your prayers and support.  God continues to meet all our needs in miraculous timing.  Give thanks to the LORD with us for all He has done as 2017 comes to a close! Remember He is not far off but He is your God who comes before you and goes with you wherever you go.
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