Friday, June 29, 2007

one more week...

O God who is faithful and God who is love,
God who is merciful and God who is just,
Remember our prayers and turn to our cry,
Humility and repentence you will not deny.
Save our nations, homes, and hearts
for this reason you came to start
a new kingdom of redemption and glory,
won`t you use me to write Your story.

All glory be to God! Let Him be praised forever!! His glory increase and mine decrease. May he receive the praises of men everyone and may my lips never cease to magnify Him.

As for me, I cannot stand before Him. My heart grows faint and I cannot speak with eloquence. What can I say to Him, He who made everything, who dwells in glorious light unseen by the eye of man? I tremble and I weep before Him in heaven...who is worthy? who is able to behold Him as He is?

Draw close to me Lord. I cannot see you anymore. I am blind and I stumble, but You are my light and my salvation. I have walked into darkness and I have grown weary, but you came and rescued me. Come O Lord and give me the Spirit of glory. Teach me O God. Let your Spirit give me understanding in all my ways. Let your Holy Spirit do a work in me. Let it be wonderful. You give life to a man by Your Spirit and bless him according to your lovingkindness.
The Spirit of God gives life to all who ask and those who seek God, find life everlasting. Amen.

One more week to go and I am poured out completely. There is not much of me, but I will give all I am to the One who gave all for me. I will finish and I will see the glory of my God before me. His glory will ever be before me and I will pursue it because as Peter said "where else can we go?" His glory consumes us. Even though we hunger, only He can satisfy.

My body aches and is tired, but my spirit will not rest until I have sought God Almighty. My prayer is to bring forth His will be done, and my petition is for His kingdom to reign on earth as it is heaven...glorious!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We gotta finish!

Our lives are mysterious at times. We do not know what troubles lie ahead and we cannot determine the details of our future. We have a great hope in the glory of the coming Kingdom and faith will bring us to that destination.

Meanwhile we live out our lives and our fervor grows cold and our love fades, I can only perceive this to be natural. However, Christ sternly warns us to arise and return to Him unreserved and our love will be renewed. We can know again our first love! For He makes all things new. Amen.

If we arise from our cold stance and embrace God, even in our darkest hours, in the moments of His silence, we can be assured God will receive us. If we listen to Him in the weary times of life, we can hear Him say, "hold on, don`t let go, I have you. and no one can snatch you from my hand."

Walking out of salvation is a partnership. The Holy Spirit is the sound that cries out within us "Abba, abba!" "Your will be done!" "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Blessed be your name." No person without the Spirit of God can truly say these words, especially in the darkest of times.

Remember that your life is Christ`s work, a masterpiece and He says to you with the joy of an expectant artist, "Almost, almost done. We gotta finish! "

Monday, June 11, 2007

Prayers from the balcony

Daily I am called to my balcony to pray for many things, many people and for God`s kingdom in many facets. By candlelight and morning light, in the warm sun, and in the cool rain I kneel and sit before my precious Lord. At times I need only groan and allow time for a desire to well inside me. This welling in time producing the pouring forth of prayers offered up to Him to reigns on high, He who sees me from eternity and knows me perfectly.

I confess, it is a challenge for me to pray in Japan. Last time I fasted such as this I had the luxury of time and freedom, now I cannot fathom it. I have work 8 hours, about two hours commuting, and the rest of my time goes to caring for needs of family and other chores needed to be done around the house.

Yet I feel strong and more able to carry such a load than ever before. This is the miracle of fasting. All who fast will discover this: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by ever word proceeding the mouth of God."

We are not bound to fast, but have grace to fast according to the One who gives. Fasting can puzzle many, causing division and pride to arise, if not done with the call of His grace and passion of His kingdom. For there are times for leaders to call us to fast and pray corporately and times for a personal call to fast. The personal call is often a sign of His grace to come in our lives for various reasons. These calls can appear together and at times are separate for the disciple. To be a disciple requires discipline (hence the word) and I know of no other more rigorous and rewarding discipline greater than fasting.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Perservering through Fasting

Fasting is at times lonely and difficult. Not every moment of it is filled with blessed times of the Holy Spirit`s touch. Often my dreams are filled with not visions of God`s glory, but of very real dreams of me eating. Afterwards I awake to the reality that I am fasting and that there are more weeks ahead. Yet it is a special time, for all my life I will eat, but in this time set aside I can experience God and can say that He is my portion. Amen. And that He satisfies me. (perhaps my dreams are the confirmation of the spiritual reality, God is feeding my soul).

I desire to behold God, though I know my heart is dark. I want the light of His truth to flood my mind cascading into my soul. I want to be transformed by the renewing of mind in this way. Then I will know the will of God, His good and perfect will and be able to walk in it confidently.

This I cry to God today...
There are many who seek God and are much greater than I. I have nothing to my name and seem as a nobody. I am weary from work and raising children. What good am I to the church of God? What can I offer? What time? What money? I have little but hope.

Yet I will see the dawn. I will grasp onto this...that my eternal, majestic, wealthy, glorious Father loves me and is pleased to have me live this day and breathe this breath. I will pursue Him and know that He holds my destiny in His hands no matter how great or how small it may be. It is perfect and precious to Him. Our destiny begins when we decide to bear the image of the Christ in us today. For the world cannot see Christ with their naked eyes, but they can see us and Christ can be revealed to them. There is no greater calling than this and let God increase and decrease us in future seasons.

Fasting has brought me to a stillness that was neglected. Also it has brought a newfound regularity of prayer and daily reflection. I pray on my balcony every morning and even through the night hours. The Bible often refers to day and night prayer being effective and pentative. Though with children I can say that prayer times are not always as routine as I would like, but I thank God to have made any time at all. *smile

Saturday, June 02, 2007

2 years

Today will mark two years of time in Japan. I simply cannot put into words the myriad of experiences we have had since coming here. There have indeed been times I want to forget and times that will be well remembered. No two years of my life have been so trying. It is a milestone so to speak and I doubt I have the heart to celebrate it as something more than that. Yet in two years I have seen and learned much about these people and their ways. I fast and pray for them and their future as a nation under one God. That the LORD who is the one true God would be known and His name made great here. By His Spirit would He accomplish such a work and at the hands of His saints bring a new age of justice and righteousness to Japan. Amen.


These are pictures from Okinawa. We were blessed to have some sunshine while we were there. The kids had a lot of fun and were pretty exhausted.

Anna didn`t want to get out of the water for hours.

We also drove to some other places on the island. The second picture was taken at the aquarium grounds.

Manna was sleepy
This was taken from our hotel room balcony. We stayed at the Rizzan Sea Side Hotel.

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