Saturday, July 28, 2007

Peko Chan!! Yikes!!!

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Happy Birthday Manna

We celebrated Manna`s first year this past Monday. We went out to eat at Fujiya, as seems to be tradition. Manna had her first taste of icecream and got to watch the dancing Peko chan. Manna now walks very quickly and is getting quite difficult to keep up with. *whew Here we go again.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

The fire still burns

It has been a week of eating and recovery. I cannot say that I feel stronger than before. In fact, I feel more exhausted and my body aches. However, more than these physical symptoms, I am experiencing the change in spiritual climate. It seems as though nothing has changed, yet in the midst of my fast I felt the changes of many internal things. It seems as though waking from an amazing dream to return to the usuals of life.
Intimacy was all I had to rest upon, now I am not sure of my own heart. Where am I? What do I do now? Where do I go? Where will you lead me?
These are the questions I ask in the moments of silence.
I am waiting for the hurricane to blow. Tommorrow it will come and perhaps I will have an answer. Will the floods wash away the idols? God sends His flood and rain comes and washes away the idols from the heart, but they can be remade and rebuilt by human hands again. They must be forgotten...they must be removed by the hands that made them. If God destroys them, let those who made them heed His wrath and fall upon His grace lest they face judgement!
Let me not grow tired of prayer and seeking God in my free time. Let me ask with confidence and expectation. Let my prayers be filled with faith and my words with boldness. Let not the fire cease to burn, but let my light shine. Amen.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Recent Pictures

This is a picture of candlelight prayer on my porch.
I want to continue such prayer times.
I feel that place of prayer was established for me in my fast and is meant to continue to be a place of prayer for ongoing spiritual warfare and breakthrough, for healing and intimacy, for repentance and cleansing, for blessing and God`s kingdom.

This is Funabashi station.
I am singing with a gospel artist named Kaori Yamamoto.
She has a great voice and has a spirit of worship.
It was a great experience to sing God`s praises in the midst of the people.

This is the first day after the fast. We just had lunch at Super Viva Home, a large home shopping center. Manna is eating the leftover bread from the foodcourt.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today is Monday. It is early and for some reason I found myself in the need to prayer from 3am this morning. I watched the sky change color from candlelight. This brought the thought to me that a burning candle has no real use in the daylight. Now we are in the darkness and our lights burn bright and hot, but one day it will no longer matter. One day the Son will appear and the light of eternity will shine forever.

There is a strange feeling when coming off a fast. You eat and appreciate it, but you also feel sad about it. You realize the disappointment of food. It only satisfies the appetite, not the soul. It is a mere physical act of necessity meant to strengthen the body, but it cannot bring strength to the heart. It is enjoyable at times, but it cannot compare to the joy of fellowship with God.

Now it is time again for breakfast. However, I have remembered to start with the LORD. He gives me the strength I need and the resolve to live righteously. From now on I will eat everyday and life will go on, but let me not neglect the essential spiritual diet I need. I must continue to thirst and hunger for Him, His righteousness, and His Kingdom.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


It is finished. The task given to me is complete. My vow and my fast fulfilled.

It was a day full of surprises and a lot of work. I had to travel about 2 hours on the train early in the morning to perform MC duties for my company at a teacher seminar. The seminar went till about 4:30. After that I returned to worship at Funabashi at 6:30 and that went till about 9:00. I came home about 10:00 and had communion after midnight.

I am exhausted, but my soul has peace. I have been renewed and my heart has been restored. The LORD has done a work in me and I am only beginning to understand it. This is a year of happenings and God will open the gates and His Spirit will move upon the people. They will shine with the glory of God and their light wil bring others to praise the Father in heaven.

The LORD will shake the earth and shrines where gods and idols are worshipped will fall. The heart of Japan will shake and the name of the LORD will be honored. The gods will be forgotten and the people will turn to the one true God for their help. He will open their eyes to see and ears to hear the words of life. There will be floods that wash away idols from the land, the earthquakes will ruin the famous places of worship and people will be unable to offer prayers to false gods. God will bring it to pass and this year it shall begin.

Magnify the LORD, revere Him all you nations, woship Him in beauty of His holiness.
May His face shine on us and may He be merciful to us and forgive our sins
He is our God and we are His people.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To love Him more

We were born to experience this grand mystery called "love." We were also made to love in return Him who first loved us. Furthermore we were made to love one another. Our greatest achievement is not how much power we had, or wealth, or virtue but even deeper; How much did we love? to what depth, to what heighth, to what extent did we love our God and one another?

This quest of the heart is found in our capacity to be loved by God. If we are filled with all other things besides this Godly love our lives reflect self-delusion and fleeting happiness. We must empty ourselves of the "other things." These things are the "other loves" we center our lives around. They are not all evil, but their occupation of the throne of our heart is the very deception of the Devil.

The true King of our heart is much wiser, stronger, and glorious than anything the Deceiver can conjure. His glorious light brings life and salvation. His presence hosts the eternal love of God in our heart. This is the greatest of all loves and it is the essence of God himself.

However, we must taste the bitterness of rejection before, we can know this love. For example, if a man thinks he is happy and satisfied he says, "I am happy. I do not need Christ nor His loving sacrifice. I do not know Him, what do I care?" Yet the sorrowful man says "I am worthless. I am despised by others and I need help or else it is better to die." To this rejected man the love of Christ for him is like a scented rose. He has a chance to receive what he deemed unattainable.

To all this I say "God let me love you more, increase my capacity to love you. Let me taste my brokeness and know that Your love is sweeter than honey, better than the best wine. I may be rejected by man, but the Lord will not despise me. He will hear me when I call and bless me for my faithfulness to Him."

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Anna`s birthday pictures 2007

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Happy Birthday Anna

Anna`s birthday was June 30. We celebrated her third year and gave thanks to God for bestowing her to us this past Saturday. She was a happy girl on that day. A new tricycle, wooden cutting set, Disney game, and ukelele(?). Plus tons of icecream, which she loves!!

We had a birthday meal at the Fujiya restaurant by Funabashi station with Yumi`s mom and then brought an icecream cake home and watched Anna eat as much as she could.

Thank you LORD for Anna, for the joy of her laughter and even the tears she cries. It has not been easy for her since moving, nor with adjusting to a baby sister. God bless Anna and comfort her always. Teach your ways and your truth. Give her peace in all her ways.
Thank you for her health and her precious heart. May she be blessed this year. Amen
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