Thursday, February 19, 2009

At the start

At the start of most things, they are obstacles and difficulties. At the start, there is indecision and confusion. There are questions, concerns, and even worries.

But there is also joy. When something new begins, a new chapter, a new life, a new movement, those there at the start can feel it. They can`t wait to turn the next page, or hold the child, or get back into action. Just as God is always doing a new thing, we feel good when we can be a part of something fresh and exciting.

At the start, we want God with us. We often feel Him close to us. We begin with hope and continue with faith, keeping this in mind: God doesn`t need our ability, He wants our availability.

What a God we have! He is to be revered as Almighty, yet we can cry out to him as a child saying "Abba" We cannot approach without being grateful for everything He has given, yet we can ask more of Him without fear. He knows how to bring us up right, yet we are contributors to that process.

If we are at the start of something, let us ask without hesitation. For we know at the start, we may not see big results, or numbers, or even what we may expect. Yet God is working and we are His workers.
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