Thursday, January 06, 2011

Only in Japan: Manga Rules!

In Japan, the home of the popular cartoon form "manga" aka "anime" we see classic hero characters abound.  When I used to live in America, Japanese manga was gaining popularity on television, DVD and in the movies.  Now there is a strong demand for it in the USA, but it is still nothing compared to Japan.  There are so many varieties of stories, characters, villians, and heroes that I actually lost interest in "manga" altogether since coming here.

However, as my children are growing up I am once again exposed to manga and cartoons again.  It makes me realize the impact it has on Japanese society.  The manga pop-culture rules in Japan.  From Pokemon to One Piece to Dragonball most people know these stories and characters better than I know my own country`s comic book heritage.

It is surprising that Manga even influences fashion, casinos, advertising, department stores, convenient stores, and the entire entertainment industry  I see many people wearing clothes with One Piece characters or symbols.  And these people are adults!!

If you are interested in Manga,this is one that I have been following recently, but there are literally hundreds more.  When it comes to entertainment MANGA rules in Japan!

This is the latest episode of One Piece
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