Saturday, February 05, 2011

Future and Technology: 3D Entertainment is Here!

In Japan I have noticed the last couple months a big push by the major electronics stores like Yamada Denki, Kojima, and K`s Denki, and others to sell 3D TVs.
The truth is that this 3D TV technology has been around since 2009, but now Japan seems to be going all out to bring 3D entertainment to the high tech, gadget-loving population.

The other day I couldn`t resist and had to watch the High Defintion 3D TV for myself.  I am not an expert on the technology, but the 3D effect is not the typical illusion of projection, but the illusion of depth on the screen.  The background seems to go on endlessly as if you were watching from a window.

And apparently there are different settings for TV watching and gaming.  The somewhat disappointing part is that you need to watch wearing special, expensive battery-powered 3D glasses.

Wearing glasses to watch TV, a little of a let down...

Store set up where you can watch the 3D HDTV

The 3D TV is the first major step in bringing 3D technology into the everyday lives of the general public.  Now the average citizen can enjoy a whole new world of entertainment in the privacy of their own home.  One can only imagine that the 3D projection messages like that of R2D2 in Star Wars is not far off.

I think the ultimate form of 3D entertainment would actually be something like the Holodeck from Star Trek: Next Generation; as pictured below, where the observer can walk into the world and experience the show in real time and even interact with the characters themselves.

It is astounding to think of the advancement of technology being driven by our need to be entertained.  But that plays a major role in its development.  Especially in the age of information, the entertainment industry needs to develop new ways to maintain its top position in struggling economies across the globe.  So 3D technology has become its new selling point, it started with the movie theaters and now has come to home entertainment

Besides the TV, other 3D technology devices will be arriving on the market soon.  In Japan the biggest one being the 3D Nintendo DS portable gaming system. which is scheduled to come out this month.  It is almost impossible to reserve yourself one, most stores have already sold out before the release date. Check out a preview on this video below!!

Apparently it is a whole new experience for the gamer, and it has many people of all ages excited about the potential for 3D technology.  I hope to try it out eventually and see what all the fuss is about.

That`s it from Japan!  Where 3D is becoming another part of the entertainment experience!
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