Monday, February 07, 2011

Only in Japan: Wacky Safety Drills

A group of school children doing a disaster drill (photo: BOUSAIYA 防災屋)
Living in Japan I have seen many interesting, albeit strange things.  I have seen many police officers, firefighters, various public servants, and of course schools performing various safety drills.  The funny thing is that these drills are often performed in public view (maybe to show the public they are working hard?).  The other thing is that they are done with such seriousness, while requiring sometimes interesting disguises or equipment, such as the bousaizukin, or disaster prevention hat.  This hat is flame retardant and has pads to protect the wearer from falling objects.

I came across a great video to illustrate my point, the other day.  It is of a zoo safety drill.  A rhino has escaped and this is how you are supposed to handle it.  PS- Note the number of legs the rhino has LOL

Japanese are known as a people who highly value safety.  In general, they are a reserved culture and are always seeking to minimize risk both in government and private matters.  Having experienced many disasters historically and being one of the most active places for earthquakes on the planet,  I guess it is SAFE to say that nobody knows "safety and prevention" like the Japanese.
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