Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tales from Japan: A Day after the Biggest Earthquake

Well, there is not a whole much to stay that hasn`t already been said, not a lot to see that hasn`t already been seen.  I keep replaying the horrific experience over in my mind every night before going to sleep.  I huddle together with my children thinking of what I need to do if another earthquake like that happens right where we are.  I script my action and am eventually rocked to sleep by continuous aftershocks that almost are like practice for the next potential BIG one that could hit Chiba along the Toukai plate causing mass devastation beyond what has been experienced in Miyagi and Fukushima.

Taken at the park down the street from our house.

That being said, what else can I do?  The sun began to shine again this morning, and the fresh air beckoned.  My children being stir crazy took us to the park so they could run and play and forget their troubles.  And who am I to blame them?  Life must go on, and in all situations enjoyment must be afforded, for if we are to lose the simple pleasure of living out our days, let us not hope to live long.

As we were out, I made it a plan to get some food and other supplies we might need, especially in light of the news of blackouts to come.  And of course scarcity was before me; from convenient stores to grocery and even gasoline stands, there was little to nothing left of useful items nor gasoline.  A sign of more difficulty to come.
The ceiling fell and the emergency exit sign still hangs at the electronics store a couple blocks away (Yamada Denki)

Taken at the 7/11 by home. There is no food and probably none will arrive soon 

Empty convenient store shelves

So we returned home to our mess and tried to prepare what we could, as the day soon slipped away to night.  So we finished our day thankful that we still have power, heat, light, water, food and gas available to us.

There are so many, not far from us some even in the same city, who are without these.  Though Chiba has reported many injuries and death, those who are suffering greatly are those to the north of us.

Today I prayed with all my heart for those who are crying out in need and desperation.  May their cries be heard and may aid swiftly come and may they know of His kindness and genuine love for them.  It is better to enter into the Kingdom maimed then to lose oneself completely.  If we are to suffer let it not be meaningless but bring forth good of every kind.

I am amazed at the goodness of heart that can be borne of great tragedy, yet, it is sad that it takes such disaster to move the human heart to such kindness.  It seems though without great catastrophe humanity would easily lose itself to apathy and indifference.

So what is next?  What is in store for tomorrow and the days to come?  I do not know, but I must entrust myself to Him that makes all things to work towards His ultimate "good" purpose.  If He holds the words of life, (as the apostle Peter said) where else can we go?

Locally we know very little compared to the round the clock news of national events and earthquake movements near the epicenter of the major earthquakes.  The last two days we have spent a good part of the day out and about, seeing some of the minimal damage around us.  The coastal areas have had problems with flooding and with utilities, but we know this only because we know people who live there and are able post via social media etc.

So as it passes midnight I feel exhaustion typing these last couple words.  I hope the quick photos I took give you a real idea of our condition.  We experienced the horror, but with Japanese earthquake proof buildings, little or no major building damage.

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Good night from Japan!
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