Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tales from Japan: Earthquakes Continue with Mysteries in the Sky

 A mysterious light at Mt. Kimyo. Earthquake light taken by T.Kuribayashi

Now this is something I came across this morning after another magnitude 7.5 rocked the North East region (Tohoku) of Japan last night around midnight.  This past month the aftershocks and earthquakes have totaled three years worth of tectonic pressure released.  Could it be the earth is going through something agonizing? Or signs of something else? Look at this shocking video that has yet to be explained. This is from the regular TV station in Japan that I tuned into straight after the quake last night

We are certainly living in times of uncertainty and the reality that we are not in control is very clear.  There are mysteries that still surround our existence.  We are in God`s hands whether we like it or not.  And it spurs us to seek answers to our life and it`s meaning and the way of things.  Uncertainity forces us to pursue the truth!  or it can drive us to panic and a path of self-destruction.  So today we have a choice. How will we respond to our uncertainty?

There is an interesting phenomenon called earthquake light that has been documented, but given its nature very difficult to study.  Here is a wiki link
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