Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Vision for Japan: A White Serpent will Appear

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Yesterday I was walking and in prayer as the Holy Spirit came upon me. I began to see a vision and a voice told me this is what the LORD will reveal about the future leaders of Japan.

I saw a white serpent slither up to a podium and begin to speak. It spoke and the people listened because it was clever and wise. It brought prosperity to the land and the people rejoiced. Their confidence was restored and Japan began to flourish once again among the nations. Then the snake began to speak against the people of God.  He convinced the people to mistreat the ones who believe in Jesus (イエス).  Then the snake was suddenly lifted up and eaten by a large bear.

Asian Black Bear photo from Wikipedia
This bear was strong and aggressive.  It led the people with a strong voice and took up arms against Japan`s neighboring countries.  It sent out armies from the south across the sea. But soon the bear was overcome, it collapsed and died.

After the bear died a white rabbit came along and it wasn`t long until it was caught in a trap and was taken away by other men. This is the end of the vision I saw.

White Rabbit image taken from

I do not know the exact intrepretation but I do know that three leaders will emerge in Japan in the years ahead.  They are represented by the three beasts and perhaps their names will even have kanji characters of these animals or their birth years may be these animals.
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