Sunday, September 11, 2011

Word of the LORD: Behold God speaks to America

A few weeks ago the Spirit of God came to me and told me to write these words down.  It seems to me it is no coincidence that these words should come at a time close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. These words are very serious and caused me to grieve and intercede before the LORD. A time is surely coming, people be ready!

The sovereign Lord, God of Israel ruler of the nations speaks

To America
Do not think yourself great among the nations. Do not think of yourself as powerful. Do not think yourself as special. For in a short time you were exalted and even sooner your flag shall be removed from among the great nations of the earth.

Yet do not think that you never knew Me. There was a time when many called on My name. And I blessed them and their children and their children`s children even unto 5 generations they shall be blessed.

The nations of the earth belong to the Lord God. Every country, every tribe, every knee will bow when I reveal My glory from heaven.

Do not think that I chose you as My people, a nation set apart.  For I will bless all those who call upon my name. They shall be safe.

Woe to the wicked ways you tolerate. For now you even sanction evil and protect it, along with perversion and abomination. Pride and arrogance before me I will not stand. America your cup of iniquity is almost full and it shall be poured out to the last drop.,

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to those who teach evil to innocent children causing them to go astray and bring iniquity upon themselves.

Woe to those in power who hide and conceal, those who lie and pervert justice
Woe to those who corrupt the courts of law and turn the people away from righteousness

Where will you go when disaster befalls you? Who will you pray to? Who will help you? You who practice evil!

You will have nothing America your states divided and economy broken. You will be divided into three pieces and will be pitied amongst the nations declares the LORD

Yet if you were to relent and stop from doing such evil and turn away from unrighteousness, Oh how I would restore beauty to your land again. For I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked.

Your time is short. Today you have before a choice to hear the voice of My prophets, of My people, who speak to you the message of repentance.

Let the evil in the land be purged says the LORD. Lest you repent.
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