Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tales from Japan: Radiation and Food supply

Well it is getting tougher and tougher to find safe food these days. Japan has of course raised the standard for radiation emission from food and drink to 2000 becquels per kilogram, which would be unheard of except maybe in a third world country that wouldn`t even be able to measure radiation and whose food supplies were very low and could not survive without them.

The justification of course is that Japan needs to recover from the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami. 日本復興(Nihon Fukkou) The country`s economy has been devastated by the cost of the 3/11 disaster and politicians are scrambling to try and pull money to pay for the restoration of East Japan. However, by allowing such toxic levels of radiation to be spread around the country, dire consequences will most certainly manifest in the future.

This market down the street is selling cucumber from Fukushima. Following the policy of the government to support and buy produce from East Japan in order to restore the economy

When people eat food that is emitting radiation that more than likely means there are radioactive isotopes present. These particles are absorbed by the body and will surely cause health problems even cancers. Young children eat and drink this tainted food without a thought. They are even forced to eat it at schools, and many experts fear that once the amount of internal radiation in their bodies reaches a certain level or when they go through a growth spurt many health problems will develop.

Here is an example of how sneaky companies are getting when selling potentially harmful food and drink. This is happening because of the vast amount of surplus in radioactive areas being sold so cheap and again these practices support Fukkou policy. This drink is labeled Fukushima on the front which is a dead give away that you shouldn`t buy it but as I look at the back, the company that packaged and sold it is located in Hokkaido and the company that processed the juice is located in Ibaraki.  If you are not careful ,and sometimes it is hard to determine, you can ended buying juice that was sold from Hokkaido (safe) but made in Fukushima (not safe)
This information about food contamination and internal exposure to radiation is mostly dismissed by the mainstream media and television. Yet some grocers and restaurants see this as a business opportunity

A family restaurant, Bamiyan posts on the door that all beef is American and has been strictly tested.
Food delivery companies who deliver food from the south and more western areas of Japan are becoming a popular alternative for buying food. Also some companies will check each piece of food you buy from them via Geiger counter. These companies charge about $5 for an ear of corn or $2 for a tomato.
Oshix has become a very popular way to get safe food but most people like me couldnt afford it.

But what happens after a year or more. The food supply for the whole country cannot be supported by half of Japan`s farming land. Also there are grave concerns about fertilizer from affected areas being sold all over the country risking the contamination of rice fields all around Japan. Currently Japan is consuming the rice crop from last year but what happens when it is gone and the rice crop is gathered and sold to the people. Then there will be no way around it. Food will be radioactive, leading to more risks of internal exposure to the entire nation not just East Japan.

Estimates of some experts like professor Kodama of Tokyo University gauge that even by this fall children may begin to exhibit symptoms of radiation poisoning. (basically the body cannot handle anymore so it begins to break down).
These symptoms include sore throat, metallic taste, headache, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, diarrhea, and in some cases can be fatal.

Japan is facing 2012 thinking about its economy and trying to revive Japan, but it could be facing an epidemic if measures are not taken to protect and preserve the food supply.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reflections of Worship: All God`s children

Yesterday I was led to this song by Delirious.  I really felt it resounded with a lot that is going on in the world now and my spirit couldn`t help but be moved by it. 

Worship often has a prophetic ring to it.  We sing about things that have passed, things that are and things to come. This song focuses on the theme of all God`s children singing Hallelujah as He delivers us from the troubles of the world. 

If you are going through a hard time or are deeply affected by the many tragic and disturbing events of recent, I encourage you to praise God. For I believe He will deliver this generation as we direct our thoughts and hearts to Him, crying out to the Father of all peoples, of every nation and tongue. That`s where I want to be

Connecting Life with Faith: Fasting and Blessing

The leaves have fallen... by Stephen Barrett

Let me just start off by saying that this post is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of fasting, but as an introduction and encouragement for it.

There are many times in our lives when we are in need.  These may be times of financial need, physical need, spiritual or emotional need.  When we are in need we begin to search for a way for our need(s) to be satisfied. Fasting is a discipline that can be used to simplify life so that we can hear the voice of God, or in some circumstances appeal to Him through our suffering (fasting) and repentance.  However, fasting does not suppose God to be a genie. Fasting just to get what you want or for the sake of pride will do nothing for you. It is meant as a means to wake ourselves to the reality of necessity for God.

I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food” (Job 23:12).

However there are times when we have everything we need.  We feel the satisfaction and comfort of blessing in our lives and this should overflow into a heart of gladness and gratitude.  It is important to note that God may call us to fast for a specific spiritual reason or for others in such a time.

Fasting is not an empty act but is done with a specific intention. The purpose of fasting can be two fold, one can be the path to provision, blessing, revelation for ourselves and the other can be focused towards others and their needs. See Isaiah 58

When we choose to give up our money, time, or resources in a fast we will instantly have a surplus at hand. So what does the Bible call us to do?  We fast so we can give.  We refrain from buying so we can provide.  This is a whole new approach on fasting compared to merely spiritual enlightenment.  This type of fast is one that truly pleases the LORD. (Isaiah 58) It keeps us from greed and brings balance to our lives and our communities. It teaches us not to trust in riches and abundance of worldly possessions.

It should be noted that fasting is not just common to Judeo-Christian tradition, in fact recently it has become popular as a way to improve or maintain health. Also many other religions practice or require fasting.  That puts it right up with prayer as a standard spiritual discipline shared by religions around the world.  It is unfortunate that some fast merely as tradition or fad without thought.  The true blessing of it becomes lost without the intention.

My own personal experience with fasting has taught me that it really is a discipline that brings blessing.  I have never looked back and regretted a fast.  Sometimes the outcome or result was not what I expected but there was always blessing for me in the sacrifice.  Something was always learned or revealed.

Many of my fasts are to gain wisdom or understanding in an important time (example: Daniel in the Old Testament or Apostles in the New Testament). Fasting slows down my thinking and stills my heart. It gives me ears to hear. It gives me time to meditate on what God requires of me in His word. 

I encourage fasting for such reasons and also for the call of repentance (Book of Joel and other various Old Testament accounts) and to help or bless others (Book of Esther). 

Remember as you walk out your faith and consider fasting, that ultimately it is a discipline that reaps blessing for others, as well as ourselves.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Word of the LORD: God will raise up West Japan

The Word of Lord spoken to me on August 4th 2011 as I stood outside in Matsudo looking out at the sky.

The Almighty God has brought disaster upon this people. They fall by their own hands and by their own deeds they are undone.  Their greed and corruption have soiled this very land and all who dwell in it.  So I shall remove their banner and give it to another.  I shall raise up the West and raise the banner high and the East shall be in shame. They try to conceal and lie their way out and do not repent of their evil ways.

There shall be no capital to the East but it shall be barren.  It shall be left to rest from evil and corruption.  So the West shall be made strong.  The entire nation shall be changed and reborn. I shall redeem all those who turn from evil and follow My ways, and receive My salvation.

There will be great trouble in this land, but it shall come to pass. This people shall come to know My name and My ways. Their sickness and disease shall be healed.  Their sins forgiven, if they come to Me.




Monday, August 01, 2011

Facing Our Struggles: Medical Emergency

A couple weeks ago I was struck with a life-threatening illness. I had to be hospitalized and still continue to battle with infection and fever.  I am now well enough to rest at home and to converse with others and occasionally post or message.

For those who have been following my blog and are wondering what happened or may have heard of my condition do not worry.  I am confident that in time I will be restored to full health.  It may take some time before I can begin to write, although there has been much to think about in the last couple weeks gone by.

Thank you all for caring and stopping by.  I hope to be blogging regularly again soon.

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