Monday, August 08, 2016

Holy Fire Japan on GBC Radio

There has been a lot of shaking and moving going on over the past two months.  After the last relief effort in Kumamoto God has led me along with others from God Blessings Online Church to start a radio site that can share the many amazing testimonies we come to hear through our ministry as well as share the Bible and talk about God.

In Japan there are very few outlets for Christian ministry.  We see this as a breakthrough in reaching not only Japanese in Japan but around the world through GBC- radio podcasts and more.  We started with a simple discussion about this around the beginning of June and in a couple weeks God had ordered our steps and provided all the funds to get up.

We kept moving forward and on July 11 we launched our site's first podcast in Osaka.  Only after a few days as hundreds of listeners began connecting we had two people respond to the podcasts by praying to receive Jesus as their LORD and Savior.  WHAT AN AMAZING GOD!   In a month from the first discussion we had in the car on the way down to Kumamoto and in a day after we started recording and upload people were coming to Christ.

As a result I have been busy moving things forward and even taking this blog on the air in my first episode of Holy Fire Japan.  I plan to have an interview once a week and share what God is doing in English and even Japanese.  So enjoy my first episode with Dr. Mark Alan Williams from 

More to come so stay tuned!!

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