Sunday, September 04, 2016

GBC Radio - In Japanese? YES! Great interview with Tsuguru Nakayama special song "Because I love You"

Last Friday I had the chance to interview a young Japanese Gospel artist named Tsuguru Nakayama.  He shared how God used him to bring his friends to Christ.  Now he tours Japan and even is going to the U.S. to perform and bring the music and message of the Gospel to audiences in Japanese.

I asked him to play a song for me and the listeners at the end of the interview.  It was a song he wrote when he was in highschool.  Now he is 24 and is being used by God to write songs and perform with his two brothers Eiji and Yuta in Fukuoka, Japan and many more places.

The interview is in Japanese but I invite you to listen to his song and hear what Japanese worship sounds like.


TSUGURU NAKAYAMA   (live) - "Because I Love You"

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